Terms and condition

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions laid out herein outline the provisions under which users and clients can use Shufti Pro and its website. Each user and/or customer thereby using Shufti Pro – its website or its services is required to fulfill these conditions.

In essence, our T&Cs outline the conditions under which our KYC, Identity verification and all other related services can be used and the obligations that must be adhered to by the clients. These conditions have been put forth for the protection of the client as well as user data and as a means to specify the circumstances under which Shufti Pro reserves the right to refuse services to clients.

Shufti Pro’s terms of service present the individual obligations of the clients and Shufti Pro as well as certain mutual obligations of both parties. It also details individual definitions of certain technical terms used by the company. It also underlines the conditions of the use of our Hosted Verification services, wherein we provide a separate identity verification page for a business with a unique URL that directs the end user to a page where they can perform KYC, Identity verification or AML screening.

The terms and conditions also include the provisions of usage and protection of client data collected during the identity verification process. It further entails the conditions of payment and charges incurred to the clients in exchange for KYC and other services. It goes on to outline the stipulations of confidentiality that ought to be fulfilled by both the client as well as Shufti Pro. It stipulates the guidelines that each party must adhere to in order to collect and protect information collected by either one of them. The terms also outline the terms under which the agreement between both parties may be terminated and how it may affect the client and Shufti Pro.

The complete detail of our Terms & Conditions can be accessed here: